Astonishing high definition sound
performance in three exciting formats

Serenity S1 headphones expertly balance beautiful product aesthetics with a durable design capable of meeting the gruelling demands of the cabin environment.

All this, whilst providing astonishing HD-PA® compliant sound performance, superior comfort and a suite of innovative audio features, including open-ear™ touch.

Models for the aircraft
of today … and tomorrow

ARINC type C1/2

Two or three prong interface connecting aircraft-powered noise cancelling headphone to IFE system
ARINC type D1/2 Connector
ARINC type D1/2

Two prong interface connecting compatible headphone to noise cancelling jack
USB type A or C Connector
USB type A or C

Panasonic HD Audio compatible interface enabling digital audio streaming, VoIP and touch control

Designed exclusively for airline use, Serenity S1 headphones come packed with features in three exciting formats:

The Serenity S1C is an ARINC type C1/2 aircraft powered noise cancelling headphone which redefines conventional analogue inflight audio by combining market-leading HD-PA® compliant sound performance with hybrid noise cancelling and open-ear™ touch.

The Serenity S1D is an ARINC type D1/2 headphone designed for use with noise cancelling jacks. By leveraging SoundChip-patented circuit technology, this model is able to pack more noise cancelling punch than competing headphones whilst providing a rich and balanced sound.

The Serenity S1H, meanwhile, is the world’s first Panasonic HD Audio™ compatible headphone. This breakthrough solution delivers for the first time in commercial aviation a fully digital high definition personal audio experience.

Key features

  • High definition audio

    Be enthralled by sound that is rich, pure and authentic
  • Open-ear™ touch

    Converse naturally with other passengers and crew by double-tapping the earcup
  • Attendant call

    Exercise this innovative VIP feature to request service and assistance onboard
  • Hybrid noise cancelling

    Listen to music or relax in peace without the annoying din of the cabin environment
  • 3D surround sound

    Experience a fully immersive sound that excites and engages the senses
  • Wideband VoIP

    Communicate seat-to-seat and seat-to-ground clearly and noise-free

Beautiful design

Serenity S1 Beautiful Design

Conceived by world-renowned designers from Munich, Germany, Serenity S1 headphones expertly balance beautiful product aesthetics with a durable mechanical design which is able to withstand heavy passenger use and frequent handling.

The headphone’s appearance and presentation may also be tailored to suit, with options extending from choice of color palette and artwork, to alternative upper headband inserts, cable configurations and accessories.

Customers selecting the patented Cool-touch™ aluminum decorative caps may also choose to customize their textured surface by applying stunning multi-layered graphics, logos or insignia.

Premium materials

Serenity S1 Premium materials

To reinforce a sense of luxury and exclusivity, Serenity S1 headphones have been crafted from materials of uncompromising quality and refinement, including: hand-stitched leather pads with copper, gold or silver accents; a soft and comfortable wear-forming headband; textured decorative caps; glass-strengthened plastic; and Kevlar® reinforced, flat, twist-free cables.

High definition audio

Serenity High definition audio

All Serenity S1 headphones offer pure listening pleasure by reproducing sound via 40mm reference-grade dynamic speakers, sonically tuned by sound experts.

To complement this, the S1C model applies advanced analogue audio processing techniques to remaster its soundstage, further enhancing sound quality.

And, for the very first time in commercial aviation, the S1H model receives audio in a high definition digital format. This ensures a sound reproduction of unprecedented quality, unaffected by the clicks, pops and level changes typical of conventional analogue systems.

Hybrid noise cancelling

Serenity S1 Hybrid noise cancelling

Serenity S1C and S1H models are enabled with powerful hybrid noise cancelling technology that generates an anti-noise response from four rather than two microphones to render near silence.

Because the noise processing is optimised to match the Serenity S1 headphone’s unique acoustic design, the noise cancelling performance delivered far exceeds that possible by ARINC type D1/2 headphones which connect to a noise cancelling jack.

That said, despite the lower performance expectations of the jack-based approach, the S1D is able to deliver significant performance improvements over competing ARINC D1/2 models by leveraging recently developed, Soundchip-patented circuit technology.

Open-ear™ touch

Serenity Open-ear-touch

Serenity S1C and S1H models offer the unique ability to converse naturally with other passengers and crew, with the headphone in place.

When enabling the open-ear™ talk-through feature – by double tapping a touch sensor which is conveniently positioned on the ear-cup – programme media is paused (or reduced in volume in the case of the S1C) and ambient sound, including the wearer’s own voice, is reproduced by the headphone.

3D surround sound

3D surround sound

Serenity S1H headphones offer passengers an ability to experience an immersive surround sound experience with all programme audio formats including movies, music and games.

The 3D soundstage is rendered by the headphone’s integrated digital equaliser and H3D™ virtual surround sound processor and may be adjusted to suit the individual preferences of each passenger through modification of relevant Panasonic HD Audio™ settings on their touch panel display.

Other features

Wideband VoIP
Serenity S1H headphones support Wideband VoIP telephony with patented dynamic side-tone on aircraft equipped with Panasonic seat-to-seat and seat-to-ground calling.

Tangle free cable
Serenity headphones feature a flat, tangle-free cable system, which comprises a smooth, soft-to-touch insulation for that little bit extra elegance and comfort.

Fold flat cups
Serenity headphones fold flat into a compact form factor to ensure maximum storage density without risking unwanted damage or wear.


Serenity™ S1H Serenity™ S1C Serenity™ S1D
Source type High Definition digital Analogue stereo Analogue stereo
Speaker technology 40mm dynamic 40mm dynamic 40mm dynamic
Audio tuning HD-PA® compliant HD-PA® compliant Rich, balanced
Custom-EQ Digital parametric Analog programmable None
Surround sound Illusonic H3D None None
Noise cancelling
Methodology Hybrid ANC Hybrid ANC NC jack enabled
Performance >30 dB peak >30 dB peak >18 dB peak
Operating modes ANC on/off ANC on/off ANC on
Configuration Binaural Binaural None
Operating modes Open / closed-ear™ Open / closed-ear™ None
Enablement Touch panel / sensor Touch sensor None
Voice telephony
Technology Wideband VoIP None None
Loudness control Dynamic sidetone None
IFEC integration
Touch panel control Supported None None
Hot Swap Supported None None
Attendant call Supported None None
Cable + connector
Connector type USB-A ARINC type C1/2 ARINC type D1/2
Cable format Flat 4-pole Flat 4-pole Flat 5-pole
Equiv. impedance Not applicable 32/40 or 300 ohm 32/40 or 300 ohm

Creators’ bio

The introduction of the Serenity headphone range represents an important milestone for two companies heavily invested in the commercial aviation market.

SoundChip SA, is a Swiss based global leader in wearable sound technology. It is, alongside Panasonic, the co-developer of Panasonic HD Audio, and holds rights to several key patents associated with inflight audio.

Long Prosper Enterprise Co. Ltd, meanwhile, is a Taiwan-based headphone manufacturer with a 30 year pedigree in commercial aviation. Providing service to many of the world’s major airlines, Long Prosper can boast the  world’s most vertically integrated and cost-effective airline headphone manufacturing system.

SoundChip and Long Prosper’s relationship is predicated on their shared ambition to revolutionise inflight audio by bringing the very best of consumer headphone technology to the world of commercial aviation.

Serenity Advanced engineering

Advanced engineering

SoundChip, a Swiss-based global leader in wearable sound technology, excels at engineering headphones that deliver best-in-class audio and noise canceling performance, improved speaking comfort and revolutionary ‘smart’ audio features.

SoundChip’s patented audio solutions and advanced engineering and test systems have been adopted by many of the world’s biggest brands in consumer and mobile-tech to improve the sound quality, features and manufacturability of their products.

Serenity State-of-the-art manufacturing

State-of-the-art manufacturing

Long Prosper Enterprise, a Taiwanese-owned but China-based headphone manufacturer, has over 30 years experience in supplying airline headphones to many of the world’s leading carriers via its vertically integrated manufacturing system.

As well as assembling headphones to the latest ISO standards, Long Prosper also produces its own cables, speakers plastics and electronics in house to maintain direct oversight of quality and to reduce cost.

Serenity Value added services

Value added services

SoundChip and Long Prosper offer a comprehensive suite of test and repair services, which rely on use of their proprietary and world-class computer-based and cloud-connected noise cancelling headphone test and inventory management solutions.

By embracing test and repair services, airlines benefit from extended product longevity and reduced life cycle costs, whilst also protecting brand value by ensuring that premier passengers only ever receive headphones fit for use.



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